• DC Power plug for ZOOM 9002 AD-0001 - 1.3mm x 3.5mm

DC Power plug for ZOOM 9002 Guitar Effects Processor- 1.3mm x 3.5mm

DC Power Plug for ZOOM 9002 AD-0001 power adapter. This is a 1.3mm I.D. by 3.5mm O.D high quality barrel type solder plug for direct replacement of the AD-0001 power supply's tip. These tips are also know as: SIZE: H

It is fairly common for the tip of the AD-0001 power supply to fail causing intermittent power problems on the ZOOM 9002. To test if this is needed, connect your power adapter to the ZOOM with it powered on; hold the end of the cord right where it connects to the zoom and gently move the cable back and forth. If the power goes intermittent while doing this, the cause is most likely a bad DC plug (tip). The original ZOOM AD-0001 is a very good power adapter with excellent filtering, they are worth fixing.

Ensure you install this new tip with the correct polarity, the ZOOM 9002 is clearly marked on the case and uses a center negative, outer positive polarity. Connecting the polarity backward can instantly and permanently damage your 9002. You can also send your adapter to me and I can replace the tip if needed.

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DC Power plug for ZOOM 9002 - 1.3mm x 3.5mm

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