This service provides the repair of a ZOOM 9002 Advanced Guitar Effects Processor, Standard, Special Edition, or PRO Artist Edition which exhibits symptoms including or similar to the following:

·         Low, Distorted, or No Audio Signal output

·         Hum or buzz

·         It is common that the metronome, tuner and AUX input may still partially or fully work

Background: Released through the 1990’s all 9002’s are now 20+ years of age. At this age, many ZOOM 9002’s are suffering from dried or leaking capacitors and in some cases the failed capacitors may have caused issues with related components; most commonly the IC7660 DC to DC converter. This service replaces all of the electrolytic capacitors, including the cap buried beneath the daughter board, with new grade-A cap’s, the IC7660 if necessary and touches up other known weak links to fully restore the audio performance and your experience! 

Success Rate: With well over a hundred repairs completed for enthusiasts and professional musicians around the globe since 2005, this process has been developed from popular request; I am not aware of a single repeat capacitor related failure. While it is an honor to revive so many of these great devices, in a few rare occasions during the refurbishing process I find a unit has sustained excessive corrosive damage or there are additional issues which the repair process and my additional troubleshooting cannot resolve. If a repair is not successful you will be notified and there is no fee for the attempt. Additionally, if prior “work” has been performed on the unit I will do my best and assess those units on a case by case basis.

NEW! - Headphone boost modification option - I am now offering a modification that will boost the headphone output level significantly, making the standard's output level more like the ZOOM 9002 Pro which had a gain boost built in. This boost is very noticeable. If you would like this included with your refurbish, check the box on the right of this product page to receive a discount for combining it with the refurbish.

Other less-common issues with the ZOOM 9002 which can be addressed in addition to this common no-output issue are:

·         Repair of broken battery cover tabs. I have designed a tool and process to reform the tab.

·         All original ZOOM 9002 BT-0001 batteries are now depleted. I produce new high quality replacements.

·         Missing or failed AD-0001 power adapters. sells high quality world-wide 100-240v input replacement power adapters with several common plug options. Now offering USB power adapters as well.

·         Intermittent power. Tip replacement of your original ZOOM AD-0001 Power adapter. It is fairly common that the wire breaks internally, causing the cable to fail right at the tip. This can be tested by plugging it into the ZOOM with it powered on and holding the molded end while flexing the cable back and forth were it enters the molded tip; if this causes the power to fail intermittently you need a new tip installed.

·         Sunken buttons on the face of the ZOOM such as the Metronome or Tuner buttons. I have developed a technique to restore the majority of these.

·         Failed potentiometers. Volume pots can usually be cleaned and I usually have replacements for failed slider pots.

In the event any of these additional services are needed, I will notify you with an estimate (typically only a small increase) before proceeding.

A 21% discount is offered on new BT-001 batteries reducing the price to $27 when purchased with or after this service. Discounts on battery tab reforming and headphone output boost mod are also offered.

To proceed with this service, please place this item in your cart and checkout using  the payment method "Bill Me Later (For ZOOM Repair Services)”; this will allow you to checkout without being billed at this time. Next, mail your ZOOM to the address listed in our contact page; it is helpful if you send me a note when it has shipped. It is not necessary to send the power adapter unless you suspect it needs inspection or repair as described above. If you have an original depleted BT-0001 battery, please recycle it properly or send it with and I can recycle it. Please also include some form of identification in the package such as a printout of your order confirmation.

For more information, please use the site contact form. Thank you!


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ZOOM 9002 Repair Service

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