• LED driver board NANJG AK47 with Configurable Mode Groups

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NANJG AK47 LED driver board for flashlights with four configurable mode groups. This is a very efficient board using three 7135 LED Power driver current regulating IC's driving upto 1 amp to the emitter.  The board has low voltage cut off and remembers which mode it was in each time it is powered on. We use this board with a single Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery or 3s (three in series) NiMH or Alkaline configuration to drive CREE, and SSC emitters.

Modes are configure by creating a solder bridge between the corresponding printed stars on the bottom of the board and the ground which is the solid printed ring around the edge. Groups can also be enabled by creating solder bridges on the circuit side of the board as shown:

Mode Group Configuration:

  1. Low, High, Slow Strobe
  2. Low, Mid, High
  3. Low, High
  4. Low, Mid, High, Fast Strobe, SOS (stock configuration with no alterations)
    NANJG AK47 configure mode groups

Changing modes: Modes (or output levels) are switched from High or Low by momentarily interrupting the power with in 2 seconds of powering on the light. Immediately after turning the light on, tap the power switch to quickly interrupt the power, this will signal the driver board to change output level. Modes are remembered if the power is left off for more than two seconds. If the light has been powered on for more than two seconds, modes can be changed by either turning off the light first or by double tapping the power switch.


  • Regulated output levels: (High: 1mA/Low: 75mA) measured at 3.8v input
  • Configurable modes with no flash or strobe (many users prefer to not have these modes)
  • Accepts 2.6 - 4.5 volts input (operates best over 3.5v)
  • Buck regulates to 1A when input is over 4 volts
  • Reverse input Diode protection
  • Diameter: 17mm
  • Thickness of board: 1.2mm
  • Total thickness: 3mm
  • Gold Plated for low resistance
  • Low voltage cut-off at 2.6V with 0.08mA


It is very important to have good electrically conductive paths for the driver board to avoid flicker and poor performance. Ensure your pill (A.K.A. sandwich, module....) has a solid path from the negative input of the board to the body of the light; ensure that the threads of the flashlight body also provide a good conducting path. Ground problems are a common issue and a poor installation will result in poor performance!

As a DIY part, driver boards are used in many configurations, whether correct or not. These drivers are offered for customization, modification and experimentation, due to their high susceptibility to damage we do not warranty driver boards or any damage cuased by improper application.

The board comes with leads which are not pre-attached, if you would like them pre-attached please select this option below.

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LED driver board NANJG AK47 with Configurable Mode Groups

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