About Us

E-lectronics was formed in 2005 as a outlet to provide support for the ZOOM 9002 Advanced Guitar Effects Processor. Originated, owned and operated by Mark McAtee, I am a ZOOM 9002 enthusiast with a background in electronics who repaired my own 9002 through collaboration on a few support forums. After restoring my 9002 I moved on to building a new rechargeable battery. When posting information back about these processes I received quite a few requests to restore ZOOMs and build batteries for other enthusiasts. In the years proceeding I have developed these processes and added capabilities including reforming retaining tabs on battery covers, complete reproduction of battery cover plates and supply new high quality power adapters to replace damaged or missing AD-0001 adapters.

In addition to support for the ZOOM 9002, E-lectronics has host other products, some related, some not, also reflecting my interests ranging from guitars and amplifiers to Li-ion batteries, chargers, LED flashlights, flashlight parts, flashlight mounts for bicycles.

I greatly enjoy the opportunity to meet and work with people from all around the world and appreciate the feedback for these contributions to keeping the ZOOM 9002 Advanced Guitar Effects Processor performing in homes, studios and stages around the world.