This is a custom voltage regulator that allows you to use most common effects pedal power supplies for your ZOOM 9002 guitar processor. Also great for use with a power brick to convert one of the 9 volt or higher leads to 7.5v for your ZOOM 9002 or ZOOM 9000.

This adapter is designed to convert your common 9v, 12v, or 18v pedal power supply to a regulated 7.5 volts DC for powering your ZOOM 9002 and charging its BT-0001 battery.

Simply connect your standard effects pedal power adapter (providing the output is between 8-25vdc with Tip = Negative) to the input of this converter and connect the output cable to your ZOOM.

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  • Input voltage: 8 -24 volts DC
  • Reverse input protected
  • Input Jack size: 5.5mm x 2.1mm (like most common pedal power supplies)
  • Input Jack polarity: Tip = Negative, Sleeve = Positive (like most common pedal power supplies)
  • Output voltage: 7.5 volts DC (regulated, does not change regardless of the input voltage)
  • Output Jack size: 3.5mm x 1.35mm (exact match for ZOOM 9002)
  • Output Jack polarity: Tip = negative, Sleeve = (exact match for ZOOM 9002)
  • Cable length: 1M/36" (available in shorter cable lengths by request)
  • Also compatible with ZOOM 9000 or any other ZOOM device that typically uses the AD-0001 power supply

NOTE: The 5.5mm x 2.1mm with tip negative polarity provided in this converter is commonly used for effects pedals by popular brands including: ZOOM, Roland, Behringer, Boss, Digitech, Jim Dunlop, Ditto Looper, PolyTune, Donner, Dyna Comp Compressor Board and more. 

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Power regulator for ZOOM 9002 - convert common 9v pedal power adapter AD-0001

  • Product Code: Reg-0001
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  • $19.95

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